welcome to the  Amphi


From a building first established in 1865... to the home of Senses Desserts.

It’s been a long journey and you can see and feel it in the building. The hotel has had many incarnations. At one point in its history, it was a Cobb and Co staging office and you you can still see the stabling for 6 horses.

Amphitheatre was a gold mining town in the Central Highlands of Victoria and a lot of gold was taken from the immediate area. There were Chinese market gardens and cherry orchards. There was even a huge gold dredge in the river.

Today the Amphi sits on the quiet Pyrenees Highway in its pleasant gardens and orchard overlooking paddocks to a lovely creek.

If you want economical accommodation, a peaceful rest and pleasant people, the Amphitheatre Hotel is the right choice.

The Amphitheatre Hotel offers a unique welcome

Why visit us?

  1. 1.We have relaxing accommodation in ultra quiet bedrooms plus super breakfasts.

  2. 2.We can provide great meals for our guests.

  3. 3.The espresso coffee is excellent.